maandag 30 april 2012

Alice Madness Returns


Well, I have to say; I'm a huge fan of AMR. I believe it to be one of the best games I have ever played in my life. I've fallen inlove with Alice from the start. Her dark and sinister character with the twists and turns in her mind.

I had been waiting for some proper hair to use. Newsea released Cappriccio, so I used it.
This is MY version of Alice. She's not perfect and never will be, since this is the Sims and not AMR.

Enjoy the screen! ^^

zondag 29 april 2012

Guys for the Win Pose Pack

Hey there<3

The voting already ended and I've made a new posepack.
The Guys for the Win Pose Pack! Have fun ^^

Download Link is at the bottom of the page~

                                                              Poselist is Included~!

vrijdag 27 april 2012


Hey Honies.
So, I was wondering;

What would you guys like to see:
- Big Girls Are Beautiful (Big Girl Pose Pack)
- Fashionably Loveable (Fashion Pose Pack)
- Sexy & Sassy (Sexy Pose Pack)
- Guys for the Win (Male Pose Pack)

NOW! Start voting below in the comments~! <3


donderdag 19 april 2012

Depression Pose Pack!

Hello again!
So, I know there are a lot of story-makers out there, using the Sims 3. I looked around for really sad poses, but I have to say.. There aren't much around. Plus, the ones I liked looked stiff and dull and had just a little to no facial expression. That brings me to the new pose pack!

A Depression/Sadness Pose Pack.
5 Poses are included, although pose 3 might be *slightly* different than the pictures show since I had to redo it. Hell, it might even be better. Anyways, they are almost the same.

Have fun!

Oh and I dedicate this pack to AnsjJ2, my newly wedded Simwife. ;D

                                                               *Poselist is Included!*

Download Here

zondag 15 april 2012

Schoolgirl Pose Pack~

Hey there! So, I´ve got a new pose pack to share with everyone. It´s the schoolgirl pose pack! ^-^ Some are cute, I believe one or two are bitchy. Meh, judge for yourself. 6 poses included. [:

*Poselist is included*

zaterdag 14 april 2012

New Pose Pack coming up!


There's a new cute posepack coming up! It's a schoolgirl posepack! Yay! :D
Here's a picture of my main model; Melody, with just one little (perhaps boring?)  sneak peek? :3

donderdag 12 april 2012

Cute Pose Pack

Howdy everyone!

Here's my first creation to you all. It may not be perfect, but I hope you all enjoy it anyways for all the cutesy and loveable squishy types of Sims! The download link is at the bottom of the page. ^-^

                                                             *Poselist is included*

                                                                   Download Here

Introduction of the Cakes

So, Hello all!

Let me introduce myself as I´m a new member of the pose making community. :)
My name is Chantal, but call me Chan though. I'm 19 years old and born and raised in the Netherlands. I know what you're all thinking: "WEED!" since we're most known for that and the stupid old dutch traditional things, like wooden clogs, tulips and windmills (What's up with that!?).

Anyways, I'm fairly new to posemaking and just recently discovered how to make them. I enjoy making them a lot though and you can definately see a lot from me in the future. I'm not good at creating, so I'm glad I can share my part with the wonderful Sims community that you are through something else. 

Hope you all are as excited as I am! :D