maandag 20 augustus 2012

Damn you!

Hey all!

Meh, My Sims 3 Blog won't post my poses anymore? God knows why. It sucks so much, because most of my traffic came from there, so now my poses get only downloaded like 15 times. When my others, that have been posted earlier this year, are already downloaded 1529 times.

Difference, huh?

So, yeah. That sucks!
I tried posting it on the TS3 Forums, but your topic gets buried so fast that it's almost like it never existed. My main site is off the air right now, for two days already and SunsetSims hasn't posted my poses either.

Kinda makes me feel lazy inside. So, with every pose I take it slower... and slower.
Thus, excuse me for the fact that Burlesque isn't out yet. I just finished the third pose for it, so I'm certainly working on it!

It's just really discouraging.


zaterdag 18 augustus 2012

Preview: Retro Burlesque Pose Pack.

Hehe, Maybe I'm working too fast? I don't know, haha.

Anyways, here's a 'lil sneak peek at one of the poses in the upcoming pose pack.

It'll be a Retro Burlesque Pose Pack.

Adorable Mini Pose Pack~

Hi again~

So, it was too hot to do anything this saturday..
I finished a Mini Pose Pack! :D Yay!

It isn't much, but I found them cute! Hope you will too.
Download link will be underneath the pictures, as usual.

Oh, and it's postlist compatible ofcourse. For the people who want to codes, they're in the pictures!


vrijdag 17 augustus 2012

Underwater Love Pose Pack

Hey you!

So, I said I was doing two projects..
Turned out to become three. I joined a Sims photography contest on the dutch Sims forum at Simsnieuws and well, the assignment was Waterlove.

I figured; Why not make the poses myself?
Now, be gentle with me as this is my first interaction pose pack and the first to have a couple pose!

I hope you like them! <3
(Also, excuse me for the bad quality. For some reason all sites lower the quality of the pictures, while on my editing programs they are crystal clear..)


donderdag 16 augustus 2012

Pudgy Dee!

Hey you all<3

I just popped into my blog to show off my cute Sim!
She's been with me for quite awhile now. I don't think I'll ever upload her.
I've grown very attached to her and love her deeply. (lol!)

Meet Pudgy Dee!

woensdag 15 augustus 2012


I've got a lil request to anyone who's willing to help!

When I look at my blog, I see... Exactly! Boredom!
This place needs an awesome layout and maybe a simple menu at the top to navigate easily!

Though, to be honest.. I'm quite the noob when it comes to this..
So, is there anyone willing to volunteer and help me spice my blog up!?

Love ya'll!


Curiosity killed the cat...

Hey everyone!

So, after quite awhile of being stuck with a "broken" Milkshape; I'm back!
I know I could've continued with Blender, but for some reason I've become accustomed to Milkshape. Ohwell, atleast I'm back to creating these awesome things right!?

Let's see; Not much happened in the past few months. To be honest, after the program started failing on me, I took a very long break from the Sims and just.. did stuff? It was pretty boring actually.

Anyways, I'm busy making new poses and I don't think it'll take long before a new one pops up from me! I've got two projects going on. I can't promise it'll be out in two days, but I'll do my best!

I missed you all <3!
Thus, I want to share a preview of one of the upcoming posepacks!