maandag 20 augustus 2012

Damn you!

Hey all!

Meh, My Sims 3 Blog won't post my poses anymore? God knows why. It sucks so much, because most of my traffic came from there, so now my poses get only downloaded like 15 times. When my others, that have been posted earlier this year, are already downloaded 1529 times.

Difference, huh?

So, yeah. That sucks!
I tried posting it on the TS3 Forums, but your topic gets buried so fast that it's almost like it never existed. My main site is off the air right now, for two days already and SunsetSims hasn't posted my poses either.

Kinda makes me feel lazy inside. So, with every pose I take it slower... and slower.
Thus, excuse me for the fact that Burlesque isn't out yet. I just finished the third pose for it, so I'm certainly working on it!

It's just really discouraging.


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  1. :/ Well... I still lurvs your poses... I check Blogspot and my reading list, like, every hour or 2 or whenever...

    Maybe the person who posts on My Sims 3 Blog just has too much to post?

    1. I know you love my poses! ^^ That's why I'm not quitting either. [: It's just taking a 'lil slower as usual.

      As for MS3B, I don't know.
      It's kinda weird that I've posted my updates 4 times and he keeps skipping them. x: But all the other updates that had been posted that day are being added.


  2. I found your site from when you posted on the forums, so I'm glad you did! ^_^

    I haven't downloaded them yet because currently I don't have any internet security, and I don't download anything without it. But soon you'll get at least a download on every pack from me! :]

  3. To Shogun:

    Thank you. ^^ I'm glad you like them. (And I don't download without it either. ;) )

    @ Katty: I saw! Ah, man. That makes me a lot more happy. :D He didn't forget me after all. XD <3 Thank you for informing.

  4. Hi Chan :) I know this pain. My Sims wasn't on My Sims 3 Blog even once... it sucks! :(
    Try here: - I'm taking traffic from this site.
    Hugs :)

  5. Ah sorry we have been a bit... busy lately! xD
    But we actually have your first pose packs, I will try and post the 'new' ones tonight if I can. Cheers, love your poses!

  6. Hi there Chantal, Ik vroeg me af of je dingen maakt voor de Sims 3 of misschien Sims 4 inmiddels. Ik ben nieuwsgierig. Zelf ben ik ook een paar jaartjes weggeweest..