woensdag 15 augustus 2012

Curiosity killed the cat...

Hey everyone!

So, after quite awhile of being stuck with a "broken" Milkshape; I'm back!
I know I could've continued with Blender, but for some reason I've become accustomed to Milkshape. Ohwell, atleast I'm back to creating these awesome things right!?

Let's see; Not much happened in the past few months. To be honest, after the program started failing on me, I took a very long break from the Sims and just.. did stuff? It was pretty boring actually.

Anyways, I'm busy making new poses and I don't think it'll take long before a new one pops up from me! I've got two projects going on. I can't promise it'll be out in two days, but I'll do my best!

I missed you all <3!
Thus, I want to share a preview of one of the upcoming posepacks!


2 opmerkingen:

  1. EEEE!!! xD You're back!! I lurvs your poses... O.o I was wondering where you went... LOL

    1. Eeee! :D I know! I missed making poses really. x: And I should've said something on the blog when my Milkshape died on me. T_T Sorry about that, but I'm back <3